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Traditional archery may be simple but not easy

We don't know when the first people fashioned a simple bow and arrow. Survival required it. But we'll bet it didn't take long for them to love it. The bending of the bow. The sighting of a target. The delight in following the arrow's flight.

Hit or miss? Try again! Not so easy, but it's an instinctive sport you want to practice. Do you love it like we do?

Today there seems more interest than ever in the craft and sport of traditional archery. Our business continues to expand with its popularity.

Our company started nearly four decades ago in Rochester, Minnesota. It was a time when pulley / cam system compound bows redefined modern archery. But founder Lamont kept the traditional spirit alive. His shop was said to feel like an undiscovered museum.

As the years passed, Barb and Terri took over the shop. They guided the catalog's expansion online.

Then in 2021, we proudly became the new steward of our favorite source for traditional archery supplies. We moved the business to our home near Townsend, Montana. Our whole family pitches in to make arrows, answer your phone calls, and ship orders across the United States. Thanks for your support.

~ Sincerely, Codi and John Hanson.

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Going on our 4th decade, you can count on us!


Our catalog has evolved over the last 4 decades along with the sport. We make our own footed shaft arrows and kits. We personally test many of our supplier's products to ensure quality and reliability.

Today we're based near Townsend, Montana. Our retail store was formerly in Minnesota.

Our primary business is online from this website. We service orders through past printed catalogs if we have the inventory available. A retail in-store visit is by appointment only. Contact us!

John Hanson shoots traditional archery bow in Montana