Bear '59 Kodiak Recurve Limited Edition Series 3

Limited Edition Series 3 '59 Kodiak  Number 65 of 250

One of the all-time classic recurve bows. 50#   60"

Bear Archery has selected some rare and beautiful woods to craft this one-of-a-kind bow.

Riser: Radiused, cut-past center shelf. I-Beam construction of Bubinga with Macassar Ebony. Back of the grip is capped with brown and white fiberglass accents. Features a large profile leather strike plate, and a forgiving feather arrow rest.

Limbs: fashioned with action Maple cores, surrounded by Bubinga with clear fiberglass. Tips - layered with brown and white fiberglass, and hand finished to accommodate modern bow strings.

String: High performance 56" D97 Flemish twist string.